Men’s Style: Signs and Symbols in a French Gangster Film

A few years back I did a series of articles for a site devoted to men’s style. Like most of the sites in this genre, the discussions were largely focused on cannons and rules about men’s kit. It was needed as the 60’s brought such a complete break with tradition that men had nowhere to go to absorb any of the old teachings.

While I gleaned a lot of great information from the sites and applied what I wanted and could to my own life, I found myself drawn to  the signs and symbols of men’s clothing. 

In the article below in  I use  Le Cercle Rouge, a classic French gangster film from 1970 (and inspiration for Tarantino among others) as a jumping off point for examining looking at deeper aspects of men’s style. (dedicated to the recent visit by the French President.) 

Le Cercle Rouge, a Visual Reminder of the Essence of Men’s Style

French Director Jean Pierre Melville’s 1970 film Le Cercle Rouge, is among the most highly regarded, little seen stealth influences on some of the most well known directors of the last 30 years. The starkly costumed looks of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction read like homage to what must be considered the crown jewel of Melville’s multi-picture exploration of American style gangster flicks, with Le Cercle Rouge being likened by some to the idea of westerns shot with a Paris backdrop.

This is a movie you can settle down with a drink, scotch would be perfect, and study. After a while maybe you find yourself thinking heady thoughts. Maybe it’s time you think, to give the pendulum a push, maybe things have gotten just a little too precious when it comes to the opinions, lessons and injunctions you get about what you should be wearing. It’s all this moralistic relativity and lack of standards in general that’s eating away at you. All of sudden all the colors, combinations and volumes you’re seeing from Pitti or New York are suggesting surrealistic or circus clown inspired movements.


“Outfits” not “clothing” anymore you’re thinking. Mixed in the dark or under the influence or both. Not inventions or expressions of true style growing from one’s personality and being  but pea cocking, surface but no content, no direction,  throwing things – anything – against the wall. Me Me Me. And the sunny, unstructured, yet codified modes of display, brown, Italian. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. You’re quick to add.

By contrast Le Cercle Rouge stands as an apotheosis to the stream of inspiration that resulted in the  bench-mark looks of classical clothing seen through the lenses of the 1960’s. It’s got a stellar cast, no pretty boys or prima donnas. No posers.  This is Alain Delon and Yves Montand and every person in the film personifying their character’s role to the tee. This isn’t a period piece; it’s a Document of its times where the height of the decade’s stylistic invention is showcased. This film’s a reference library for the viewer’s stylistic vocabulary. There‘s little here that couldn’t be incorporated by any man today. Cuff links, 3 piece suits, rich navy suits and top coats, white shirts, narrow ties, charcoal gray – and because it’s France, a naked woman and some dancing girls.

Some might view this film as an “antidote” to fashion waywardness and poseurs in general. In Le Cercle Rouge men are men. They wear suits, not costumes. Everyone looks impeccable, but the hue, cut, and forms never dictate what the men do nor how they do things even though what we see are uniforms both figuratively and literal. No one is constrained from acting in the way the fundamentals of character and circumstance evoke.  Men are running, rolling, shooting, fording streams, smoking, stealing, fighting, sleeping in and working-living in their clothes with utilitarian gusto. And this association with work should be stressed because unlike most of the stylistic mentors and films normally mentioned online, the figures depicted here are not those of the upper strata, the elites of the society normally associated in our investigations or imitation-worthy style but figures from the gray underbelly with its own codes and standards of behavior but with everyone adhering to an almost mannerist depiction of stylistic mores.

The film’s title is derived from a teaching by Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, who used a chalk-drawn circle in red to suggest that those men whom fate has decided should come together, will invariably do so regardless of the diverse paths and individual personalities. And so we see in this film a mélange of different personalities yet though there’s a “good and bad guys” theme, there’s a moralistic, ethical backbone and an anti-hero bias that permeates the story. They struggle and question life – the life they’ve been dealt. They do it with a sense of personal honor.  No matter which side of the line they occupy, they carry on with a dignity and sense of regard for both themselves and those whom fate has brought into their individual lives.

There are no black hats to clearly identify the villains. The principals are ultra chic in a somber way. No self-consciousness. No parody. None of our simplistic irony. Yet all involved understand the lines separating the different sides are constantly moving and yet their choice of attire clearly demonstrates they are all operating on a similar level. The lines might be shifting on constantly moving sands but the uniform-like exactness of their clothing indicates they’re ready and willing to deal with the fates that are dealt to them. Watch it and learn.

Dean Balsamo








Arcane Word 2 : the Heaven Sighting Device – A Structure With Many Sides

View Arcane Word- The Heaven Sighting Device by Dean Balsamo

The latest issue of Arcane Word,  my periodic stab at publishing takes a look at my Heaven Sighting Device project. You can read about it below and view  and even purchase it from the links below.

The first directly below opens a PDF file you can download and view at no cost.


The link at the bottom of this post-with the cover again – takes you to the Blurb site where you can both preview and purchase a print version Arcane Word 2 on the Heaven Sighting Device.

The phrase, “What if….” is a favorite tool of screenwriters and novelists. Each “what if,” leading to another as story unfolds. That’s the premise behind this issue of Arcane Word, The Heaven Sighting Device.

What if I send this premise out into the world?  I’ve held on to it for years, well before I ever saw the Great Pyramid or climbed that pyramid of the sun outside Mexico City or…or….

The Heaven Sighting Device is something I “saw” some time ago. But now with this step it gets more definition and the chance to move to the next step in it’s proof-of-concept path to realization.

I’m looking for resources from private or public sphere to get formal drawings addressing the specs, materials and some 3-D printed models.

Please feel free to get back to me with any questions and comments. They’re most appreciated.  You can find out more about this project below: click on the link below the picture of the cover and it will bring you to the Blurb site where you can both preview and order a print copy. (you can also order the first issue of Arcane Word about Cairo graffiti at the site as well.)

View Arcane Word- The Heaven Sighting Device by Dean Balsamo

Ruby’s Girl: My Original JFK Themed Story

Ruby’s Girl: My Original JFK Themed Story

“In 1963 a naïve young dancer becomes a moll wrapped in an enigma when she falls down Jack Ruby’s rabbit hole and the underworld surrounding the crime of the century, JFK’S Assassination, and struggles with a decision that puts her life in jeopardy.”

This is the logline/premise for the original script I’ve posted below.  I wrote it over the last 9 months as a feature but then again I’m interested in all and every kind of screen for viewing- TV, Web Series etc.

I’d appreciate any comments you have. My email is

The recent release of documents from the event triggered my desire to share this story at this time. I’ve entered in a couple of contests but the bottom line is, this is my personal contribution to the endless source of stories generated by JFK’s death.

I’ve used the raw material from the event as a Launchpad – not a historical lock – on story. It focuses on the shadow word surrounding it – the world of unvarnished, unrepentant characters and the codes and codes of conduct their world demands. In a way I see the young dancer through whose eyes we experience the story as a proto-feminist- ahead of her time and like a fish out of water she has to find a way of dealing with the world she’s been cast into.

I see this story in  the “institutional” genre – she has to weigh her individual values against those of the “family” she’s surrounded by.

The tone shares elements with Birdman, Baby Driver and Amazon’s Man In the High Castle.

Click on the link below to read the PDF of the script.:

‘s Girl by Dean_Balsamo

My hope is it’s an entertaining way to explore the many aspects surrounding a wound that may never heal but at the same time is a story with mythic dimensions.

Thank you.

Dean Balsamo

A Mini Screed: AI. VR. Robots….

The god-damned robots…..

Answering our calls, cooking pizzas, serving burgers, making trades, passing medical tests, giving absolution, providing unconditional sex…

Where does it end?   Nowhere.

The human species sure looks like it’s transitioning from the “moist robot” of today**….

to an entity that builds on us…..but.ultimately may not be “of us.”

Hawking and Musk, post dire warnings about the AI/Robot threat …and who isn’t thankful for their words. But do you really believe anything or one…is going to reign in AI?

A few months back Facebook shut down two AI systems because they were talking to each other in a language only they could understand.

It looks like an Evolutionary meme driving the human species towards its next great leap:


We can’t  replicate our world fast enough. Our facsimiles are swallowing us whole.

 Star Wars and the Jennifer Lawrence space film show us wonky hybrids.  But aesthetics still have a play – why wouldn’t we have robots on the level of Ex Machina’s heroine?.

(Alicia Vikander from Ex Machina)

Does the  nascent Sex Bot industry give a clue about where the species is heading?

I hope not, right?

 disgusting, degrading, repelling…

Still they’re sorta like the French Postcards..of today…driving technological  leaps just as their paper facsimile ancestors did with photography….and porn on the internet did for chat, sound and streaming…..

Thanks to almost daily articles online about sex bots from publications  like the Daily Mirror in the UK. you get a hit of what one segment of the general public is being fed.

You wonder why you’re looking so far ahead. Maybe it’s “bias confirmation,” Is it a joke or a fad? How can  we grow this close to machines without something (strange?) happening?

For instance in the latest MIT Journal of Technology there’s an interview with a leading scientist working on developing AI/Robots that will recognize the moods and mental states of the humans around them. She says the next five years will bring tremendous strides in the field.

Soon. You enter your office.

Alexa: “You seem a little down today. Do you want talk about it?”

And the tactile world of the bots will grow more sophisticated because customers demand it. And science will supply it in one way or another..

That’s what I got in reading an interview with the designer Stella McCartney (Paul’s daughter) in the latest Fast Company.

Known for her commitment to sustainable and vegan material in her lines, she discusses a company in Brooklyn that makes a product she uses in place of “real”  leather.

Only the company she’s working with isn’t using plastic or vinyl to make fake hides. They’re “growing” leather hides made from collagens, on slabs.

It’s customized for texture, pigment, thickness etc. and not one animal is harmed.

All I can do is take the flesh with the blood

.And Fear of Robots along with Awe of their future…

 jacked into some universal Mind a Cloud…bodies as beautiful mainframes.

Robot Hope is

Robot agony.

Don’t let emotions

Gum up the works.

By Dean Balsamo

** “moist robot-a term Scott Adams, the Dilbert creator uses to describe our present human state from the standpoint of Persuasion-his specialty.

Love Poems for Robots: prose in praise

Some 20 years ago I began a chapbook called Love Poems for Robots.  A little ahead of it’s time I put it aside. But I recently began looking at it as future publishing project.

In doing so I was inspired to write a new entry:

When the Robot Said….

When the Robot said


We laughed.

When the Robot said


We cowered.

When  the Robot said.

“Fuck you.”

We crushed it.

 By Dean Balsamo


Taos: A Hippie Ruin – Artifacts


Penny’s half pit-half-shit- house lies in ruins not far from our land.

“Burned out,” is what the pipeline to the mesa says.

Meet her once. Four years ago-the last time we came to our plot-five miles past the  Gorge Bridge outside of Taos, NM. The same bridge appears in Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers.

Penny. 30-40. A face like a relief map. Paranoid and prickly – like the Cholla dotting the landscape. No surprise.

At first glance her structure – with the goat pen attached – looks made for the Duchampian approach the Hippy-Survivalist-Outlaw culture here employs.

Anything with a roof and walls of some sort qualifies. A broken school bus like Pine Ridge. Or something growing out of the ground – a mash up with debris its owner manages to scrounge.


Taos being Taos… a flexible personality is….helpful.  Penny’s was a fail.

There’s no grid. Utilities.  But justice is served.  It’s harsh like the landscape. What can you do when The Social Contract is the law of the land?


The spirit on the Mesa or “Carson Estates,” as it’s also called – lines up with historical precedent.

In the past, Taos Pueblo – on the other side of the Gorge – sends their “bad hombres” into exile – to this same place.

No water to speak of – at least 800ft down.  Little shade – a few pinons. The road rutted. Sunbaked like adobe.

A big sky, wild sage, volcanic rocks and the occasional tarantula round out the general conditions.

Penny’s ruins leave us a glimpse at her bare bones “vernacular” style. Using a Turkish-inspired approach she puts bottles – wine, beer, water- into her mortar. In this case the mud she mixes from the ground she walks on and applies it over the jerry-rigged framing – a collection of sticks and stones.


Haven’t seen this technique used by anyone for a while.  Reminds me of Guerneville, CA and other Humboldt County stops in my hippy past.

TAOS MESA THROUGH THE WINDOW.As Penny’s house slowly makes its way back to Earth….

Another Hippie artifact is a growing presence: the recycled School Bus.


Since our last trip a collection of them is taking root.  In true hippie speak: they “serve the people.”  With a side – a mad max/depression-era flavor.

Hot meals, sundries – even library services are offered


This is a population defining itself.  After language…and a few other aspects…buying and selling is about as basic as it gets in this regard.



This car stands about a mile into the road. Says everything. New signage.

Almost medieval. Like a city state or town  posting proclamations and expectations – helpful attitudes to hold.

We’ve been coming here over a 24 year period. Its nomadic culture’s doing what most hunter gather ones  do. Settle.

Land loving, land grabbing, squatters….

Free –thinking –until they’re not – freedom- loving- would- be -artists with the terrain-assemble here.

A population in flux. People are digging in.  Can running water and electricity be far behind? My guess is you hear everything you need to know at the school bus general store.


Arcane Word Magazine: Cairo Raw: Graffiti from the Streets of Cairo. Print and PDF


Arcane Word Magazine:

Cairo Raw: Graffiti from the Streets of Cairo

From the Publisher:

Magazines are one of my passions. I collect them , write for them, distribute them and create them. Arcane Word  is a title I’m using to explore different topics around                 art media magic

Arcane Word Magazine takes its cue from the memory of  60s magazines like Avant Garde and Evergreen . A different perspective.

Arcane Word is open to collaboration and creating something similar in magazine or book (I’ll be posting PDF’s of books I’ve done-soon) form.

You can contact me at:   Dean Balsamo   and 505.570.7325

Here’s a PDF Version of the magazine. I’m making this available at no cost.


And here’s snapshot from the Blurb Book store where you can purchase the print edition  for $12. Click on the book cover and it’ll take you to the Blurb page to preview and order it.

Arcane Word - Arts & Photography economy magazine

 By Dean Balsamo

Premium magazine
US Letter, 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
20 Pages


I will send a free copy of the Print Edition to the first five people to write me with an address I can send it to at:

Background to this issue:

In November 2015 my son and I went to Cairo, Egypt for six days. We stayed downtown at the edge of Tahrir Square – the most graffiti-rich part of the city given it’s proximity to the various encampments and battles taking place downtown since the “Arab Spring.”

There’s a storehouse of words, images and drawings for me to mine. Future issues will feature more impressions, photos (including pyramid sites) and drawings from Cairo.  It remains an incomparable  experience.

. Additional topics TBD.

Thank you for reading.

Dean Balsamo

National Hippie Museum-Proposal for Taos, NM

hippie release 3

Mock up of a press release for the Hippie Museum (from a few years back.)

Counter Culture guru Osho’s discourse on versatility of the word “fuck”


got me thinking of all things hippie. With the original hippie generation aging it seems that

The National Hippie Museum

is a project long overdue. While an online component (see below) would act as most people’s touchstone for the museum- having a physical place where people from all over the world could come to celebrate Hippie-is a no brainer as it caters to the pilgrimage aspect that underlies so many of the important hippie culture events from music festivals to anti-war demonstrations to the random groupings that sprung up whenever hippies met anywhere during those times.

Taos, NM feels like the perfect place to locate it.  Not only was Taos an important hippy hub with communes and personalities there (Dennis Hopper for instance) but even today there are still pristine hippie threads woven into the Taos environment like:

Image result for picture of an earthship in taos

A large Earthship in Taos.

  • The Earthships out on the mesa.
  • Taos Pueblo which maintains its traditional ways .
  • A strong hippy spiritual tradition still thriving with Lama and other groups.
  • A healthy legacy of psychedelic research.
  • A place where nature predominates with big skies, lots of sun, and the mountains.

And Taos, unlike any number of well-traveled hippy spots has never experienced the branding make-over and gentrification other places have.

In a word: Perfect.

Below are some elements and programs that come to mind. Take these as field notes.


Structures on the museum campus could find some inspiration in buildings designed by Ando, the great Japanese architect whose approaches rest on using concrete, light and water. Add the sun-and you’ve got a good benchmark from which to start.

Keeping true to the hippy spirit you’d want to look at incorporating resource-conserving approaches like the Earthship which was conceived in Taos and permaculture to terra form the grounds.

Also more contemporary techniques and materials- used in a hippy spirit of innovation – hempcrete, adobe, core 10 steel, 3-D printing, rammed earth for instance.

As far as the grounds – we go hippy- you have to have places for people to ….commune…with each other…with nature.  Some aspen groves, large rocks, wild patches, wild-grassy knolls and a labyrinth -the campus has to breathe.

And accommodate a variety of activities-people do their own thing -sit, sun, meditate, gather, rant, eat, concert-commune

hippie taos cross

A shrine in Taos-they’re found all over northern NM.

Field Notes: Programs and Exhibitions

The exploration of hippie culture in the U.S.-the world- rivals critical research and writing in the art world- it’s endless.

Below: some sketches-mock ups – strategy suggestions.

The Hippie Archives

The Hippie Archives-an online, real time –updating, international archive of hippie photos and films submitted by the museum’s hippy family from around the globe.

Like the WAPO’s Comments section-there’s a curator-the photo editor reviewing submissions.

Hippy photos from the Afghanistan rock stars visited-the days of the King’s hashish and lapis shops- – Tehran in the decadent days of the shah. Paris, London, East Village -things from all over appearing.

Photos are sorted/cross-filed like “General, Stars, Festivals, Women, Hippie Homes & Communes, Black Hippies, Brown Hippies, Native American Influence, Nudity with an over 18 disclaimer.

You can take a Periscope approach with the screen-display the world and click on the country whose hippy pix you want to see.

hippy screen shot 2

Naturally there would be prominent places devoted to the spiritual paths running through hippie culture both in the Hippy Archive and the physical location-a permanent wing devoted to:

Gurus and Teachers



Spiritual teachers/gurus/teachings and movements  get a spotlight with  photographs, films, art works and talks-museum stuff- on figures like:

  • Da Free John-the Marlon Brando of Hippie spirituality.
  • Gurdjieff – creates intense seekers-crazy creatives.
  • Osho – great comedic timing.
  • The Maharishi – people are still levitating to his work.
  • Meher Baba- The saint who inspired Pete Townsend.
  • Yogananda- Cali loved him and he- Cali.
  • Aliester Crowley- the man for the times- sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

And the spiritual memes including  Zen, Buddhism, Hindu religion, The Craft,  Tarot, I-Ching, UFO’s, magic, hermetics and the Essenes…..ideas-the subjects- you were likely to see in the form of books, art work, and practice in any self-respecting hippie’s home.


Of course need we say more when it comes to hippies? Without drugs there is no hippie. But it wasn’t all groovy. And it wasn’t all bad. Many of the boomers who got into various spiritual/religious trips got into them because  they opened those “doors of perception.”

There are an unlimited amount of topics that can be addressed here:

Writers, authors and others with a focus on drugs and hippy culture can talk:

For instance the author of Acid Dreams could come and discuss the CIA’s unauthorized and secret experiments with LSD on Americans.

The writers of recent articles and books about LSD Mircrodosing

(see )

can be invited to share their experiences.

LSD and Silicon Valley-can be an exhibit and talk- tracing the influence of this and related hallucinogens on the origins of Silicon Valley with Jobs etc.

Art exhibitions featuring work done under the influence of various substances can be mounted.


This wing of the museum and space in the online archive is probably going to be one of the most active and story-inspiring aspects to the hippy museum. Where do you start?

Rural Hippie, City Hippie, Hippie Evolution, Artists, Politicians, Authors…endless.

All kinds of talks, presentations and exhibitions dedicated to the women of hippie culture and the women that inspired them. Important curator post to fill here..


Naturally all kinds of films from the time of hippie are out there and later ones that deal with the era. Many unusual and intriguing presentation approaches can be taken here-including personal appearances by the people who directed, wrote and acted in them and programs around themes like Horror Hippie Films or Hippie Road Trip flicks, Hippy movies from Europe –constant re-contextualizing of the available material.


Music the medium that infused all hippie activities is everywhere and again there is so much here to look at whether footage, recordings, recollections by those who were there, authors on their books and articles on era. Only limit here is imagination Some of the topics can  include:

  • Be-Ins and footage and recordings from those.
  • Festivals-not only Woodstock but Monterey Pop, Altamont, and others.
  • Personal recollections by solo and band recording artists, managers, producers and so on.
  • Listening Booths/areas
  • Nights: Janis Joplin, Hendrix, The Doors, Beatles……
  • Exhibitions of relics and artifacts from music personalities of the hippie era.

You could have a Hall of Saints with revolving exhibitions of actual articles of clothing, instruments, journals and so on from famous personalities of the time. Even something special like this sketch of a vitrine-like case that allows people to touch an article of clothing from a famous musician or other personality from hippie culture.


Art Exhibitions and other avenues for hippie exploration can encompass things like:

  • Mount Yoko Ono installations.
  • Do the same for proposed installations that never made it from the conceptual stage to exhibition space.
  • Dada exhibition
  • Art work done under LSD, shrooms and other conscious altering substances and states.
  • Alex Gray the contemporary artist who explores these regions in his painting.
  • Hippie era plays by Sam Shepard, McClure and others.
  • Black Hippie culture.
  • Hispanic peoples and hippie culture during the 60’s in New Mexico.
  • Hippies In….name- the country, city or time….

Maybe it’s anti-hippie…a building to tie the culture down.

My guess is the story here is too deep to tie it down.

Hippie m picture of the author

the author-age 20.




Osho on “Fuck” one of our most useful words-humor


Came across this recording of a humorous talk by  Osho the famous Counter-Culture Guru. There have been several articles over the last few months on the usefulness of cursing for instance in The Economist  and how using “bad words,” is thought to represent a more communicative person. Not sure where I stand but I do know sometimes you have to say “fuck it,” and move on .


Road Trip: Art Pilgrimage – Marfa TX light, ruins, re-purposed buildings Pt. 2

A former supermarket?

A former supermarket?

It was a running joke among those of us who wrote on the arts for The Santa Fe New Mexican. Every profile on an artist we ran seem to open with, “the light spoke to me….It was the light that drew me…..”

Always with the light-some artist’s ecstatic response to the New Mexico version of it.

But the joke’s on me because I experienced a displacement of time and space in reaction to the light in Marfa the first night I was there.

“Putain,” I thought as I sat in the courtyard of the Paisano Hotel. It feels like Paris that night we ate outside at 10 PM. But that was northern Europe. June.

But it’s January. 6 PM Central Time. Here…now…it’s still light. Here’s a film from the courtyard of the hotel showing what the light looked like.



Something was off. I couldn’t square the time with the light. I know Marfa has aerial phenomena- the Marfa Lights. ( American Spirits-Marfa Lights-why not) A viewing area exists about 8 miles out of town.  But this was different there was something in the air- like a vortex- my normal perceptions were skewed.

Metior red band for a new world. Mixed media on canvas.

Metior: red band for a new world. Mixed media on canvas. Image size 9″ x 12″.

One person I asked about my condition said, “It’s because we should be in Mountain Time like Santa Fe.” I knew Marfa was in the Central zone but my eyes and this feeling – I got nothing out of this answer. Couldn’t wrap my brain around it.

But the displacement fueled my curiosity – the natural armor of perception was compromised-  for the remainder of my stay I was le flaneur –  I crisscrossed the town center for the next few days in search of hidden places, unexpected locations and encounters with locals -anything the town had to offer.

I did finally get a scientific explanation for what I was experiencing- from my server at Stellina, one of the watering holes in town..

See more about Stellina  here:


When the nearby MacDonald Observatory was being built the time zone here in this part of West Texas was changed – at the scientists’ request – from Mountain Time to Central Time so the researchers in Chicago and Austin could share data in real time with the observations made at the observatory. So the sun and  light weren’t  lying – the clock was.

 Marfa has a number of great legacy structures from the 40s, 50s and 60s that have, are or will be re-purposed.

Inside an old warehouse next to the tracks that formerly stored wool-not it houses sculptures out of mangled car parts by John Chamerlin

Inside an old warehouse next to the tracks it formerly stored wool-now it houses sculptures out of mangled car parts by John Chamberlin

marfa dark bld.

marfa to be

These, along with projects by big name architects  are the kinds of structures I appreciate on my business trips -you can find them everywhere…Chicago, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Los Angeles… reminders of our country’s industrial past- some getting new life with TLC. .

Marfa also has a number of ruins-mostly in the form of adobe buildings returning to the earth.

Ruins outside of town.

Ruins outside of town.

An adobe building in pretty good shape by Marfa standards.

An adobe building in pretty good shape by Marfa standards.

Pretty much says everything about the attention adobe gets here.

Pretty much says everything about the attention adobe gets here.


The woman I met from Colorado who had some knowledge of the area told me the adobe building tradition is dormant here. Marfa isn’t Santa Fe. There are some parallels to the way Santa Fe was a few decades ago before it got the national attention it enjoys today.  The video below reminds me of what it was like in Santa Fe-in the barrio near downtown.


marfa adobe street houses

 I didn’t see any adobe structures being refurbished in Marfa.

The buildings most in demand for re-purposing are the older warehouses and structures from the 40s and 50s.

Store front for Ranch Candy

Store front for Ranch Candy

Marfa Ballroom-exhibition space

Marfa Ballroom-exhibition space

marfa church gallery marfa altar

The light, the buildings, the feeling I got here leads me to believe this could be a good spot for a structure I’ve wanted to see built for some time. More about this in another post.

This is the Prada store located about 35 miles north of Marfa near Valentine, TX...a small group of houses. This is an art project that Prada cooperated with and supplied product for. It's never open.

This is the Prada store located about 35 miles north of Marfa near Valentine, TX…a small cluster  of houses. This is an art project that Prada cooperated with and supplied product for. It’s never open.

The photograph above – grabbed from the web- shows the store sitting within an area carved out from the surrounding ranch land.

I wanted to take a photo too and measure the building outside,  look inside -but I didn’t see it on my way in as I’d taken a different route. But on my way out…about 6:30 AM I passed it. I wouldn’t have seen it at that hour were it not for a couple of people setting up a tripod and getting ready to shoot it at sunrise. I barely saw them in the dark while they were moving around the center of the road.

What I saw in passing….on this road at this hour at that speed…:.


Dean Balsamo