Arcane Word Magazine: Cairo Raw: Graffiti from the Streets of Cairo. Print and PDF


Arcane Word Magazine:

Cairo Raw: Graffiti from the Streets of Cairo

From the Publisher:

Magazines are one of my passions. I collect them , write for them, distribute them and create them. Arcane Word  is a title I’m using to explore different topics around                 art media magic

Arcane Word Magazine takes its cue from the memory of  60s magazines like Avant Garde and Evergreen . A different perspective.

Arcane Word is open to collaboration and creating something similar in magazine or book (I’ll be posting PDF’s of books I’ve done-soon) form.

You can contact me at:   Dean Balsamo   and 505.570.7325

Here’s a PDF Version of the magazine. I’m making this available at no cost.


And here’s snapshot from the Blurb Book store where you can purchase the print edition  for $12. Click on the book cover and it’ll take you to the Blurb page to preview and order it.

Arcane Word - Arts & Photography economy magazine

 By Dean Balsamo

Premium magazine
US Letter, 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
20 Pages


I will send a free copy of the Print Edition to the first five people to write me with an address I can send it to at:

Background to this issue:

In November 2015 my son and I went to Cairo, Egypt for six days. We stayed downtown at the edge of Tahrir Square – the most graffiti-rich part of the city given it’s proximity to the various encampments and battles taking place downtown since the “Arab Spring.”

There’s a storehouse of words, images and drawings for me to mine. Future issues will feature more impressions, photos (including pyramid sites) and drawings from Cairo.  It remains an incomparable  experience.

. Additional topics TBD.

Thank you for reading.

Dean Balsamo

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