NYC A Sweet Spot

This week work took me to Manhattan. To an upscale food retailer whose space is right under the 59th Street Bridge. Famous. Shares DNA with Grand Central-tile work, mannerisms, a great hall.
But outside, away from the general public’s trail is this classic strategy for contemplation  partially hidden by the discount clothier in a glass cube is this Ley Line-sighted  space towards the East River making me feel it’s English inspired. Unexpected .
More. A particular audio effect. Serial chanting like a huge political rally or sporting event-though with applied electronica audio effects-distant and present. An overtone above the din where bridge, first avenue, 59th st, subway construction and some spirit from the late 30’s meet. New York does this well, like Paris serves Belle Epoque.
Sweetness like the serveur in Nolita saying “I like the way you dine.” You have to love youth and the spirits of the ages.




Ce soir seeing the Batman movie. Major media storms always have details in beginnings we never hear again.. The Hobos and JFK brains, girl in polka dot dress/boy in cardigan -RFK on the floor.,  man in front of the theater -witness saying he goes to the exit with his cell after ringing-where the portal opens moments later- and unsung  El Diablo in black and red makes his entrance.

Mr. Gurdjieff says war and the madness is our less than stellar reaction to the on -going planetary friction-when planets like ours in 2012 get too close for comfort.  In other spheres beings find ways to take it in stride-not in mass  extermination of the Other. The planet’s going crazy with periodic purpose. Anyone can see it ends in the skies.

Mr. G. and Mr. Picasso survive and more in the hell of France WW11. Gurdieff has melons from South America for guests and devotees in the depths of winter. The Spaniard’s defiance is mana derived from loving artistic genius- feeding off the invading army and the locals serving it.

The Word’s getting out. Aztec ghosts, Paleolithic bands and writings on the walls say earth is swept away and only the forever’s in the present moment remain.

Piazaro’s Windows and a surgical life

Got my new ArcaneWord business cards back today. The white threaded stock- with a muted pearl sheen and navy blue type reminds me of the colors of Dominican nun kit worn in the 60s -French women saving Africans.

The same colors and close resembling cloth is worn by a Mexican or other Spanish-looking elderly woman who hangs outside the Southwest departure terminal at LAX.  I don’t recall hearing English. She can be speaking Gypsy for all I know-I don’t  understand her words.She shoves a cup or coffee can with a band of writing wrapped around its middle at me which I never examine. Airports and cities mingling. Where are the airport open spaces-a secure micro system within?

Some say, ” You ‘re a road warrior.” In my mind I”m a surgeon and spy. Before Bond makes  waves in popular culture I’m studying Russian ones. They’re  everywhere-PTA Presidents, journalists-academics-actors- they impersonate up-standing Americans particularly well. Choosing the most influential demographic for spreading utopian visions-the early Russian Party incorporates a particular Italian actor’s advice about -catapulting the propaganda using the craft on the unsuspecting public and hiding in plain sight.

Castanada’s Don Juan understands.. Suited for an excursion to Mexico City everyone he encounters treats him as royalty. He doesn’t disappoint them.  A Yaqui “gray man.”

If there’s a vampire-fighting President why can’t there be a Red Lincoln.

Wine, book, power nap two now.

Thinking about those stores about artists Bill G.-an artist- told me about – crazy predicaments they got into. Pizarro and Degas- a good one- you end up wondering who gained the most out of the events.  Scene: Paris. Spontaneous beatings of people thought to be Jews by small mobs are happening on the streets. The artist Degas participates in these beatings using his cane. Does he beat Pizarro? Or does Pizarro just witness or hear about Degas’s activities?

Having something in common with several recent heads of states sleeping in a different palace/tent/bunker each night and likewise having the means, the paranoid  Pizarro lives in a different hotel each night. Since it’s Paris he never runs out of places to stay. His creativity flourishes, painting the views outside each new hotel room window creates a body of work gaining him honors and more means.

Images: Red Lincoln by Bill Georgenes- close on a recent sculpture-from a forth-coming book. arcaneword. Other image: Red Morning NYC from the window of a hotel on the upper East Side, NYC.

Chicago the last American City

Chicago Beach buildings summer Chicago beach B & W

It was somewhere between 90 and 100 today. But there was no need to freak -easy for me to say I’m only here for a couple of days. But Chicago has a fair amount of natural vegetation-not manicured-just outside of downtown. It looks like Raleigh.

Still after a short trial and huge error I now no longer stay anywhere but downtown Chicago near the beach. I have a familial connection to the Public -formerly Ambassador East hotel. My dad was part of the Mad Man crowd-print than ground floor TV the Pump Room. When he was a kid growing up in Chicago he’d jump off the bus at the corner and run down Goethe St to the underpass smelling like piss-to the beach at Lake Michigan.

Some striking local women-lots of attention to detail, fun and sophisticated. Nice summer dresses. Chicago the last American City.

to be buried in Paris.

Several months back I came to a definitive decision about how I want my body disposed of at death and I decided, I want my body to be buried. No organ donations, no eyes, heart, skin tissue, brain cells, blood, hair. I want everything whole. This is my donation.
I don’t know if I can do the barely there, worm fest-the “green burial.” But I want my casket laid in the ground. For too long I was in this default mode for my own personal end times….and was going, like many others now, to do the cremation thing.                           Today I read a couple of stories about ashes. In F.T.  a review of a book on the Rolling Stones related a story suggesting  Keith Richards snorted some of his dad’s ashes with some cocaine. Then in a guide book on Mexico City it said Diego Rivera ate? Ingested.  Frida’s ashes.
Would I like to be buried in Paris? Yes, no, maybe. I wish I was that romantic who can say, “I’m going to live the rest of my life in Paris, I’m going to be buried there.” …..


Upscale Grocery Store under the 59th Street Bridge

I visit upscale food retailers around the country. In the course of my design collaboration work on the check stand areas I photograph the stores while taking specs for new POP fixture designs. Six weeks ago I’m in this cathedral in NYC whose interior is done by Italians doing Grand Central Station.

Cities: NYC and Chicago

While growing numbers of people are not especially enamored with the UN,  you can’t say it lacks pictorial attraction.

The Sighting Device: an early drawing.

Some 20 years ago when I’m doing my best to imitate the starving artist a local architect approaches me about trading my  non-identical twin belonging to this drawing of a Sighting Device promising me the handful of large black slate tile and pile of lead sheets are worth a fair amount of money. Yes (i) know………..the materials find home not in greenbacks but sculpture.

Ex-CIA agent: Roswell, N.M., incident really happened


This post’s title comes from a USA Today article about an “ex” CIA Agent’s claim that Roswell did happen, that a box he saw marked “Roswell” contained items (he doesn’t say what) that convinced him of the incident’s alien origins. At least that’s what most people think he’s saying.
Of course, as numerous readers on sites all around the globe suggest, it sounds preposterous as most UFO orientated stories are usually portrayed in the mainstream media in as comical fashion. But many are beginning to realize the events happening on the world stage are more orchestrated than we really want to believe. A Congressional hearing in the 70’s ( The Church?) revealed hundreds of agents work on the staffs of newspapers throughout the US.
There is if not an actual cover up than serious omissions on the part of the press about the origins of so many important events. Like the influence of German occult societies -and their connection with the industrialists who helped the German Nazi leader to power.
The two images here reflect and deflect the same kinds of energies with regard to ideas about UFO. The Gray-like figure is a drawing by Aliester Crowley, drawn from a magical trance/ritual he performed. At the time he was heavily under the influence of the same German occult practices in their revival of Western Hermetic arts. This drawing by him comes from the 1930’s. Yes that’s right.
The saucer drawing (marker and acrylic on wood) is based on a purported design (and actual craft?) from the late 1930’s in Germany by one of its leading scientists of the time…..
In 1997 I attended the 50th anniversary events in Roswell as a member of the press. Got to talk with different actors in the drama  sharing their first hand memories. Of course the late Walter Haupt who issued the famous declaration about a captured Saucer that was sent around the world before being recast as a weather balloon the next day- at 80 plus years was pretty much what you might expect. He had a well honed patter. Also looked like he enjoyed a good drink. But Dr. Marcel was different. Sober, gentile, open-when he took questions about the things his dad brought home – pieces from a craft with strange writing -his words carried weight.