El Sueno de Mexico City

Popo is active like it never was – death is active and never dies- paintings survive earthquakes if the intention is pure-this is Mexico City. It’s not for everyone but not because it’s anything you  believe it to be before you go- what you bring is what you get. Energy or Chaos is everywhere but with disruption this creative  the people are amazingly tranquil in the midst of the sounds-not horns-but people and their music occupying the ear…

Bay Area Always Going It’s Own Way

In the Bay Area for a couple of days this week. Perfect. No matter what, California is California. Headed over the Golden Gate on my way to San Francisco for the night. Along with Seattle’s Space Needle, my favorite structure in the States. Always shooting it from the car.
Jumping off  the Brooklyn…. or any other bridge can’t compare to the drama this structure participates in. They say that one of the reasons so many people jump off the GG is because San Francisco is the end of the line for certain types of individuals. If the voices don’t stop or violent urges aren’t beaten into plow shares-people can jump. We knew a person out here who others told us, jumped. We weren’t reading the newspapers in the early 70s so what did we know? No closure really-maybe not  close enough to search out the information. He was from out east, lived in Berkeley, intelligent, a lawyer who didn’t practice much-really good candidate for ashram life. He certainly had problems-manic, obsessive, crazy-but nothing out of the normal for San Francisco. But he did it.
The attraction is in the sheer drama from the melange of location and the structure. You’re at the gateway to San Francisco Bay…ocean on one side-the west side of the bridge.. East and the Bay- Richmond, Albany, Berkeley, Oakland, Fremont and beyond.  I want to compare the charge here to the Taos Gorge–you’re  high above- but  you get the  vastness of the sea without end in Calli. It’s chilling, an attraction to hard for some souls to resist.