A Mini Screed: AI. VR. Robots….

The god-damned robots…..

Answering our calls, cooking pizzas, serving burgers, making trades, passing medical tests, giving absolution, providing unconditional sex…

Where does it end?   Nowhere.

The human species sure looks like it’s transitioning from the “moist robot” of today**….

to an entity that builds on us…..but.ultimately may not be “of us.”

Hawking and Musk, post dire warnings about the AI/Robot threat …and who isn’t thankful for their words. But do you really believe anything or one…is going to reign in AI?

A few months back Facebook shut down two AI systems because they were talking to each other in a language only they could understand.

It looks like an Evolutionary meme driving the human species towards its next great leap:


We can’t  replicate our world fast enough. Our facsimiles are swallowing us whole.

 Star Wars and the Jennifer Lawrence space film show us wonky hybrids.  But aesthetics still have a play – why wouldn’t we have robots on the level of Ex Machina’s heroine?.

(Alicia Vikander from Ex Machina)

Does the  nascent Sex Bot industry give a clue about where the species is heading?

I hope not, right?

 disgusting, degrading, repelling…

Still they’re sorta like the French Postcards..of today…driving technological  leaps just as their paper facsimile ancestors did with photography….and porn on the internet did for chat, sound and streaming…..

Thanks to almost daily articles online about sex bots from publications  like the Daily Mirror in the UK. you get a hit of what one segment of the general public is being fed.

You wonder why you’re looking so far ahead. Maybe it’s “bias confirmation,” Is it a joke or a fad? How can  we grow this close to machines without something (strange?) happening?

For instance in the latest MIT Journal of Technology there’s an interview with a leading scientist working on developing AI/Robots that will recognize the moods and mental states of the humans around them. She says the next five years will bring tremendous strides in the field.

Soon. You enter your office.

Alexa: “You seem a little down today. Do you want talk about it?”

And the tactile world of the bots will grow more sophisticated because customers demand it. And science will supply it in one way or another..

That’s what I got in reading an interview with the designer Stella McCartney (Paul’s daughter) in the latest Fast Company.

Known for her commitment to sustainable and vegan material in her lines, she discusses a company in Brooklyn that makes a product she uses in place of “real”  leather.

Only the company she’s working with isn’t using plastic or vinyl to make fake hides. They’re “growing” leather hides made from collagens, on slabs.

It’s customized for texture, pigment, thickness etc. and not one animal is harmed.

All I can do is take the flesh with the blood

.And Fear of Robots along with Awe of their future…

 jacked into some universal Mind ..in a Cloud…bodies as beautiful mainframes.

Robot Hope is

Robot agony.

Don’t let emotions

Gum up the works.

By Dean Balsamo

** “moist robot-a term Scott Adams, the Dilbert creator uses to describe our present human state from the standpoint of Persuasion-his specialty.

Love Poems for Robots: prose in praise

Some 20 years ago I began a chapbook called Love Poems for Robots.  A little ahead of it’s time I put it aside. But I recently began looking at it as future publishing project.

In doing so I was inspired to write a new entry:

When the Robot Said….

When the Robot said


We laughed.

When the Robot said


We cowered.

When  the Robot said.

“Fuck you.”

We crushed it.

 By Dean Balsamo