Arcane Word 2 : the Heaven Sighting Device – A Structure With Many Sides

The latest issue of Arcane Word,  my periodic stab at publishing takes a look at my Heaven Sighting Device project. You can read about it below and view  and even purchase it from the links below.

The first directly below opens a PDF file you can download and view at no cost.


The link at the bottom of this post-with the cover again – takes you to the Blurb site where you can both preview and purchase a print version Arcane Word 2 on the Heaven Sighting Device.

The phrase, “What if….” is a favorite tool of screenwriters and novelists. Each “what if,” leading to another as story unfolds. That’s the premise behind this issue of Arcane Word, The Heaven Sighting Device.

What if I send this premise out into the world?  I’ve held on to it for years, well before I ever saw the Great Pyramid or climbed that pyramid of the sun outside Mexico City or…or….

The Heaven Sighting Device is something I “saw” some time ago. But now with this step it gets more definition and the chance to move to the next step in it’s proof-of-concept path to realization.

I’m looking for resources from private or public sphere to get formal drawings addressing the specs, materials and some 3-D printed models.

Please feel free to get back to me with any questions and comments. They’re most appreciated.  You can find out more about this project below: click on the link below the picture of the cover and it will bring you to the Blurb site where you can both preview and order a print copy.

  • (you can also order the first issue of Arcane Word about graffiti in Cairo by on the link below.

Ruby’s Girl: My Original JFK Themed Story

Ruby’s Girl: My Original JFK Themed Story

“In 1963 a young dancer saves her life but loses her identity after falling down Jack Ruby’s rabbit hole and the underworld surrounding the crime of the century, JFK’S Assassination,”

This is the logline/premise for the original script I’ve posted below.  I wrote it over the last 9 months as a feature but then again I’m interested in all and every kind of screen for viewing- TV, Web Series etc.

I’d appreciate any comments you have. My email is

The recent release of documents from the event triggered my desire to share this story at this time. I’ve entered in a couple of contests but the bottom line is, this is my personal contribution to the endless source of stories generated by JFK’s death.

I’ve used the raw material from the event as a Launchpad – not a historical lock – on story. It focuses on the shadow word surrounding it – the world of unvarnished, unrepentant characters and the codes and codes of conduct their world demands. In a way I see the young dancer through whose eyes we experience the story as a proto-feminist- ahead of her time and like a fish out of water she has to find a way of dealing with the world she’s been cast into.

I see this story in  the “institutional” genre – she has to weigh her individual values against those of the “family” she’s surrounded by.

The tone shares elements with Birdman, Baby Driver and Amazon’s Man In the High Castle.

Click on the link below to read the PDF of the script.:

‘s Girl by Dean_Balsamo

My hope is it’s an entertaining way to explore the many aspects surrounding a wound that may never heal but at the same time is a story with mythic dimensions.

Thank you.

Dean Balsamo