Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Moon in a Science Fiction City.

The symbolic mother magic mountain. One hour from Mexico City about 3 1/2 from Dallas, TX. Chaco Canyon, Mississippi Valley cultures (with similar shaped pyramids) to the West Coast…all intertwined …. The scale of the complex is something you try to imagine filled with people and what living between the two giant pyramids (the other dedicated to the Sun) was like.
Hire a driver from DF through your hotel. Jorge Mendoza is one man’s name that came up in some people’s experiences. You can do a day in about 5 hours if you leave DF, go to Teotihuacan -stay 2 1/2 hours-back to DF. Or you can take advantage of adding other visits to the day’s events. Pulque-making, silver craftsman and probably others you could ask about. We heard it won’t be long before authorities forbid walking up and down the Pyramids.

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