Be Original Apply

At the local gas station this afternoon a Mexican with a bucket and wiper approaches me at the pump about my car windows. Thought of his brothers in DF-like 80’s NYC-Broadway and Houston jumping on your windows at the red lights.

A lot of different things happen at red lights and big intersections in Mexico City. The two mujeras  here stand on the sidewalk with their wirey employer – like the one approaching us in Plaza Garibaldi (“You want something freaky?” after saying something about “Polanco” which is the Beverly Hills equivalent in DF)-waiting for  each red light when the.  girls parade in front of backed up traffic-their man with the point and shoot documenting his project on the street.

In Coyocan, former home of Cortez, Frida and Deigo, Leon Trotsky and John Houston the precious but  energetic traditional area of the old puebla is only a short distance from a busy, commercial road that features a mime-faced juggler who gets up on a 6 foot ladder in front of a three lane blvd to entertain just long enough to hustle back to his center island perch and try and grab some coin as the cars begin gunning themselves through the intersection.

Surreal acqui like Breton says. Some threads: circus, 1980’s NYC downtown, and popular conceptions of Mexico-a source of original chaos.

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