I wonder what we’ll get… do you think it’ll be a bi-partisan barrier solution informed by the experts?…

Or… the same grab bag of personal animosity, “moral” invocations and resistance for resistance’s sake….that makes it impossible to deal with this challenge in the way it should be dealt with:

A problem-solving exercise. 

In the previous post I began framing a third way to look at the southern barrier.


Since most of us already agree – that it needs to be addressed…I don’t see the need for the antagonistic elements above. Since all they do is kick up dust – add nothing germane to the situation…I remove them from consideration.

That said, I do wonder how we’re going to tackle the issues around Wetlands,

and Preserves plus the private property that sits at the border.

I understand why walls and slats are used in the dense urban– border areas.

Dusk Exit- Tijuana-Caravan #2 :Border Barrier Suite

But what can we do in the more rural expanses…where large, wide-open, landscapes and a lack of people set the tone? And ecosystems we want to avoid disturbing? Where presumably most of the concerns about the issues above …are concentrated.

Given the partisan nature of our hot button issue debates…It looks like an impossible situation. To many people to please—too many agendas to serve.

But maybe we don’t have to panic.

Last week on Periscope I watched – a broadcaster mention an

off-the shelf product

that offers the best solution I’ve heard thus far about barriers around these sensitive areas:

Fiber Optics.

Apparently fiber optics is so pressure-sensitive that it can detect everything from cars to coyotes and everything in between that crosses its path.

Israel whose “wall” is mostly fencing — uses various configurations of fiber optics with great success.

We can bury it in the ground…

in our barrier-sensitive areas — where it will read the traffic coming over it.

The upside for the areas of concern is… this minimal, “smart” approach is about as non-invasive as you can get—requiring less land and doing less damage…no huge backhoes… since installation should be comparatively minimal for laying the cable.

This could then make the barrier issue more about easements…

instead of full – scale appropriation or major changes to the exiting land.

As for patrolling the area…

Night Helicopter Caravan #3 Tijuana: Border Barrier Suite

given the landscape and lack of population…

it’s hard to imagine many barrier-crossers avoiding detection…

Agents, drones, and robots responding to the fiber optic signals should be able to handle most of the situations.

The ROI on this approach will be great as costs are a fraction of what walls and slat approaches would run.

Now if only we’ll start looking at our divisions as problem solving challenges instead of an abyss.

Dean Balsamo

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