NYC Sweet Spot

This week work took me to Manhattan. To an upscale food retailer whose space is right under the 59th Street Bridge. Famous space, shares DNA with Grand Central-tile work, mannerisms, a great hall.

But outside, away from the general public’s trail is this classic space partially hidden by the discount clothier in a glass cube. But there is, like a Ley Line which makes me thing this space is English-inspired. Unexpected .

More. There was a particular audio effect noted. The serial chanting like a huge political rally or sporting event-though I’ve been to my share and never heard quite anything like this before. It was like something in electronica. I don’t know. An overtone, it rises about the din where the bridge, first avenue, first avenue construction of a new subway and 59th come together. For a few moments like like the 1930 or 40’s.

Sweetness like the serveur in the Nolita establishment saying, “I like the way you dine.” You have to love youth.

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