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Cairo Raw (2)

No guides. no tours, no agendas.

We chose a window-early November-booked an alcove room- Ramses Hilton-downtown between the Nile and Tahrir Square.

 semi-brutalist strucure

-brutalist leanings from the unconscious- this isn’t Ando.

concrete and marble

nice people security a bank a casino good room service people from the gulf

though that will change once the New Cairo gets built

out towards the airport.

rooms with balcony’s at 20 stories up read the city from above like a hawk

you dive with a zoom and an understanding-

 consume hidden spaces

Is that the brotherhood’s old crib with a photo of it’s leader

in the courtyard no one but those with talons can see.

On the alert for secret charades about to be played-

Cairo in space and times…..

Cairo Raw  (2)




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