Chicago the last American City

Chicago Beach buildings summer Chicago beach B & W

It was somewhere between 90 and 100 today. But there was no need to freak -easy for me to say I’m only here for a couple of days. But Chicago has a fair amount of natural vegetation-not manicured-just outside of downtown. It looks like Raleigh.

Still after a short trial and huge error I now no longer stay anywhere but downtown Chicago near the beach. I have a familial connection to the Public -formerly Ambassador East hotel. My dad was part of the Mad Man crowd-print than ground floor TV the Pump Room. When he was a kid growing up in Chicago he’d jump off the bus at the corner and run down Goethe St to the underpass smelling like piss-to the beach at Lake Michigan.

Some striking local women-lots of attention to detail, fun and sophisticated. Nice summer dresses. Chicago the last American City.

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