Ex-CIA agent: Roswell, N.M., incident really happened


This post’s title comes from a USA Today article about an “ex” CIA Agent’s claim that Roswell did happen, that a box he saw marked “Roswell” contained items (he doesn’t say what) that convinced him of the incident’s alien origins. At least that’s what most people think he’s saying.
Of course, as numerous readers on sites all around the globe suggest, it sounds preposterous as most UFO orientated stories are usually portrayed in the mainstream media in as comical fashion. But many are beginning to realize the events happening on the world stage are more orchestrated than we really want to believe. A Congressional hearing in the 70’s ( The Church?) revealed hundreds of agents work on the staffs of newspapers throughout the US.
There is if not an actual cover up than serious omissions on the part of the press about the origins of so many important events. Like the influence of German occult societies -and their connection with the industrialists who helped the German Nazi leader to power.
The two images here reflect and deflect the same kinds of energies with regard to ideas about UFO. The Gray-like figure is a drawing by Aliester Crowley, drawn from a magical trance/ritual he performed. At the time he was heavily under the influence of the same German occult practices in their revival of Western Hermetic arts. This drawing by him comes from the 1930’s. Yes that’s right.
The saucer drawing (marker and acrylic on wood) is based on a purported design (and actual craft?) from the late 1930’s in Germany by one of its leading scientists of the time…..
In 1997 I attended the 50th anniversary events in Roswell as a member of the press. Got to talk with different actors in the drama  sharing their first hand memories. Of course the late Walter Haupt who issued the famous declaration about a captured Saucer that was sent around the world before being recast as a weather balloon the next day- at 80 plus years was pretty much what you might expect. He had a well honed patter. Also looked like he enjoyed a good drink. But Dr. Marcel was different. Sober, gentile, open-when he took questions about the things his dad brought home Рpieces from a craft with strange writing -his words carried weight.

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