Freedom of Speech: Redskin-Filters-the Echo

Redskin-Filters-The Echo

Professor and civil rights activist Jerry Farber’s rant “Student as Nigger” galvanized Cali campuses in the late 60’s.

Like any great logline– as soon as we heard it—we got it.Saw the big picture—tasted the details—loved the concept.

Would it work like it did then in today’s online world?

The Totem of Diversity by Dean Balsamo

Jesus I doubt it. Charges and revolts over appropriation— and everyone’s favorite “racism” – would be everywhere.

Including all those friggin TV’s broadcasting the same channel in those lazy airports who take the money and abandon their clientele to the mind-numbing Media bullshit— which now instigates instead of reports.

Until the recent Purge of Alex Jones –the censorship by our internet giants appeared…piecemeal…they took out the fringe things and those damn Russians. 

The censorship sort of slipped under the radar. But Alex Jones? What’s the play here? Are the social media platforms banning him now—in order to a BUILD his audience …make him a martyr So when he comes back on …stronger than ever…they can monetize the hell out of him?

Okay so it’s a little conspiratorial. But we have a serious dilemma. Do we want the dominant companies framing the online world–to determine our rights to freedom of speech on the internet?

I don’t.

At least two of the largest are working hand in hand with the Chinese government to build a massive surveillance state by blocking, censoring and eliminating undesirable sites—undesirable people—that government has designated.   

And while the Purge is being presented as something all about “good intentions” … we all know– what that shit hole country called Hell is paved with.

Sorry. I don’t believe in “good intentions.” What I see doesn’t look good from the point of view of Freedom of Speech.

Ironically along with their censorship, employees at the company whose name means “search” to most people–has a movement to stop the company from working with our own defense/military agencies while willingly cooperating with the Chinese state. Hmm….

This is what I’d like to see happen:

Since these companies didn’t invent the internet –why don’t we take the decision-making process for safe guarding Freedom of Speech away from them and put it under our own Constitution. I don’t care what it takes—an amendment, executive action etc. let’s apply the same rights and protections we enjoy enshrined in our Constitution –online

Make our rights Vertical 

From heaven to hell.

The rest of the world can deal with this space however they want too. But it seems to me real “Resistance” in this country should be directed to a win all sides can enjoy—the freedom to say and think what we want.

I came to this decision in a personal way when Alexa decided –Post Purge—that I now had an objectionable song in my music library….one that only weeks before she added at my request without a problem.

Redskin Rhumba’s a big band tune from the 1940’s by Charlie Barnett’s band. It says everything about America at the time—infectious, you can’t sit still when it’s playing kinda music.

But when I asked Alexa to play it last week she claimed she couldn’t find it. I did a work around with the app and cued it up. But when she announced the song..

She said, “Blip (electronic sound) Rhumba.” Does this mean I now have to say “blip” or do I have to mimic the electronic sound she makes now? Is our music now going to be purged if doesn’t satisfy some algorithm invented in Palo Alto?

So who’s making these calls? And why? We’ve got a mash-up of a country—one whose culture I’ve always felt we should be free to draw from.

Objectionable words, ideas and people come with the territory …hasn’t that always been a given?

In my opinion the time has come to make the US Constitution the chief guide for online activity when it comes to Freedom of Speech. Take it out of the hands of the corporatocracy and put it in the hands of the people.

Dean Balsamo

***excerpt from Jerry Farber’s rant:

(note from this author: “Ah yes the 60’s. I always think – I’ve killed my hippie heart—and than something like this comes along”


The general timidity which causes teachers to make niggers of their students usually included a more specific fear — fear of the students themselves. After all, students are different, just like black people. You stand exposed in front of them, knowing that their interest, their values and their language are different from yours. To make matters worse, you may suspect that you yourself are not the most engaging of persons. What then can protect you from their ridicule and scorn? Respect for authority. That’s what. It’s the policeman’s gun again. The white bwana’s pith helmet. So you flaunt that authority. You wither whispers with a murderous glance. You crush objectors with erudition and heavy irony. And worst of all, you make your own attainments seem not accessible but awesomely remote. You conceal your massive ignorance — and parade a slender learning.




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