If there’s a vampire-fighting President why can’t there be a Red Lincoln.

Wine, book, power nap two now.

Thinking about those stores about artists Bill G.-an artist- told me about – crazy predicaments they got into. Pizarro and Degas- a good one- you end up wondering who gained the most out of the events.  Scene: Paris. Spontaneous beatings of people thought to be Jews by small mobs are happening on the streets. The artist Degas participates in these beatings using his cane. Does he beat Pizarro? Or does Pizarro just witness or hear about Degas’s activities?

Having something in common with several recent heads of states sleeping in a different palace/tent/bunker each night and likewise having the means, the paranoid  Pizarro lives in a different hotel each night. Since it’s Paris he never runs out of places to stay. His creativity flourishes, painting the views outside each new hotel room window creates a body of work gaining him honors and more means.

Images: Red Lincoln by Bill Georgenes- close on a recent sculpture-from a forth-coming book. arcaneword. Other image: Red Morning NYC from the window of a hotel on the upper East Side, NYC.

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