Ce soir seeing the Batman movie. Major media storms always have details in beginnings we never hear again.. The Hobos and JFK brains, girl in polka dot dress/boy in cardigan -RFK on the floor.,  man in front of the theater -witness saying he goes to the exit with his cell after ringing-where the portal opens moments later- and unsung  El Diablo in black and red makes his entrance.

Mr. Gurdjieff says war and the madness is our less than stellar reaction to the on -going planetary friction-when planets like ours in 2012 get too close for comfort.  In other spheres beings find ways to take it in stride-not in mass  extermination of the Other. The planet’s going crazy with periodic purpose. Anyone can see it ends in the skies.

Mr. G. and Mr. Picasso survive and more in the hell of France WW11. Gurdieff has melons from South America for guests and devotees in the depths of winter. The Spaniard’s defiance is mana derived from loving artistic genius- feeding off the invading army and the locals serving it.

The Word’s getting out. Aztec ghosts, Paleolithic bands and writings on the walls say earth is swept away and only the forever’s in the present moment remain.

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