Piazaro’s Windows and a surgical life

Got my new ArcaneWord business cards back today. The white threaded stock- with a muted pearl sheen and navy blue type reminds me of the colors of Dominican nun kit worn in the 60s -French women saving Africans.

The same colors and close resembling cloth is worn by a Mexican or other Spanish-looking elderly woman who hangs outside the Southwest departure terminal at LAX.  I don’t recall hearing English. She can be speaking Gypsy for all I know-I don’t  understand her words.She shoves a cup or coffee can with a band of writing wrapped around its middle at me which I never examine. Airports and cities mingling. Where are the airport open spaces-a secure micro system within?

Some say, ” You ‘re a road warrior.” In my mind I”m a surgeon and spy. Before Bond makes  waves in popular culture I’m studying Russian ones. They’re  everywhere-PTA Presidents, journalists-academics-actors- they impersonate up-standing Americans particularly well. Choosing the most influential demographic for spreading utopian visions-the early Russian Party incorporates a particular Italian actor’s advice about -catapulting the propaganda using the craft on the unsuspecting public and hiding in plain sight.

Castanada’s Don Juan understands.. Suited for an excursion to Mexico City everyone he encounters treats him as royalty. He doesn’t disappoint them.  A Yaqui “gray man.”

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