The New Green Deal Goes Nuclear

By Dean Balsamo

(Mark up of the MIT cover by the author)

“Less we say about it the better.

Make it up as we go along.

Feet on the ground.

Head in the sky.

It’s okay.

I know nothing’s wrong.


(This Must Be the Place- A Naive Melody — The Talking Heads.)


“Undeserved misfortune,” is the label screenwriters give to the strategy they use to elicit our empathy for the story’s Protagonist in the early moments of the film.

For instance. Fade In : we open on a white male, 50’s, in the midst of being fired by the new owner who’s  downsizing the company. The unfortunate employee’s been there so long he’s like the furniture. But he’s fired through no fault of his own –his 20 years with the company mean zip. His wife’s sickly—a couple of kids in college…

It’s the stuff of life…the conflict gives form to a character’s life — allows us to feel a deeper connection with the Protagonist.

This is how I feel about the slap down The New Green Deal got this week.

It doesn’t deserve to be shot down like this.

It’s a brilliant piece of Persuasion…it’s on everyone’s mind. And who doesn’t want a greener future.


(Bird #1 survivor)

But it’s like the movies…you have to satisfy your audience…give them the “obligatory moment,” the genre’s beats demand…

Like when the couple finally..kiss, screw, fight…the inevitable stuff the audience is expecting to experience through the characters.

It wasn’t much of surprise. The strategy was telegraphed in the media weeks before. It was a ritual. A public slaying ritual – a sacrifice to gain favor from the gods that govern the Simulation.

The audience got what it expected.

Okay. It’s done.

Now let’s go


Yes. That nuclear.

The nuclear that had us  doing Pavlovian dives under our desks with sirens -and drove the nightmares that fed the print and movies we consumed…

And painted still -terrifying scenarios of the meltdowns from the last 40 years.

(Metior #25 Red by the author)

But like an archaic echo of the Atoms for Peace program from the 50’s…

The things I’ve been consuming lately convince me that going nuclear is the only feasible way to take a serious step towards getting off fossil fuels…getting to a cleaner environment… While keeping the economy from melting down in the process of converting.

Whatever you believe about the merits of higher taxes on the uber wealthy and Socialism…

These memes won’t power anything but discord by trying to sell the NGD with them.  Nevertheless since AOC gave us the NGD…

Bill Gates..Time Magazine and Periscopes by experts and influencers… have come out promoting the new GEN IV reactors.

And I’m with them. Let’s give them a try.

American companies are currently building three of them in China. So why not here?

From what I can tell going nuclear with the Gen IV reactors is the only way we match what we’ll be giving up by eliminating fossil fuel and maintaining the integrity of our grid – our society.

The new Gen IV technology that Gates –backs:

  • Doesn’t melt down because it’s not water-cooled-no explosions.

  • Can use different radioactive fuels.

  • Some consume their own waste

  • Are more compact and efficient.

  • Are scalable and reproducible.

  • Safe.

If we go about it the right away ultimately we’d be able to…

  • Bring desalinization plants on line that can finally serve the masses since we’d have all the power we need for them.

  • Minimize and eliminate oil pipe and electrical transmission…lines from crisscrossing sensitive cultural and scenic landscapes and reduce the risk of harmful accidents. 

    Make the localization of energy creation a reality—powering cities with small, efficient, safe reactors located nearby.

( abandoned mine shaft that will house Gen IV reactor in the mountains)

Maybe I’ve become immune or jaded but even though I’ve lived half my life within 35 miles of Los Alamos…I never think of nuclear danger…although we’ve always joked about the mutations we must all be experiencing because of the uranium tailings in the air from previous mining here….

But I think the best thing we can right now is create


Like the original– bring together the best minds and experts and figure out how we can tie the new reactors into our grid by creating a must win scenario.

. My feeling is we’ll be surprised at how tasty the nuclear offerings look on our plate. Let’s get the New Green Deal off to a flying start.

The biggest challenge at this point though…is getting its promoters to even consider the potential for nuclear. I feel this is shortsighted. It’s not good science. My hope is the NGD sponsors will reconsider their stance on nuclear.

Dean Balsamo



  1. Excellent elaboration on these finer points — thanks for “getting granular”! Now, were we to come up with an alchemical formula to turn salt-saturated, radioactive lead into lithium… (=

    • Thanks. I believe one the by products of this new nuclear technology is lithium and cobalt…two the prime elements we need for battery technology..which as I understand are not yet mined or created in enough quantities to make EV, Solar and other technologies dependent on batteries ..available on a mass scale. So it maybe that the new nuclear is is a stepping stone of sorts to battery and fusion technologies to come.

  2. Meanwhile, Down Under. . . the ravages continue to this day:

    The first atomic bomb in the Maralinga series was about equal in power to that which destroyed Hiroshima. The device had been suspended from a 110 meter tower. The most distant seismograph known to have recorded it was at Southern Cross, 1000kms away.

    Australia’s nuclear industry has a shameful history of ‘radioactive racism’ that dates from the British bomb tests in the 1950s, writes Jim Green. The same attitudes have been evident in recent debates over uranium mines and nuclear waste, but many First Nations people are fighting back!

    One report by Dr. E.E. Massey concluded: “local Aboriginals, because of ‘their unique lifestyle, and often their lack of clothing, footwear and permanent shelter’ were particularly vulnerable to radiation; one group became sick after walking across highly radioactive ground in bare feet.”

    Massey’s findings were generally limited to his academic credentials of B.A., PhD, and his 3 publications were concerned w/the effects of atomic explosions on plants and animals used as foods. An abstract of an article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal published by Dr. Massey in 1967, volume 96 (4) pp. 204-206 is here:

    • Of course using nuclear should be of concern. I am. Yet I’m also willing to trust that science …and the morals of society have improved. Yes the world and different people’s have paid a price for nuclear. But that was the past. The new Gen IV reactors are safe. They don’t melt down. Many consume their own waste and various other atomic fuels. The GEN IV reactors aren’t water cooled, they use molten lead and I believe even salt so there’s no meltdown. From everything I see they appear safe…they nothing like the previous generations the world has used. If we use areas that are already designated for nuclear we can at least begin some serious R &D. Given the aspirations of the NGD–whether the dire warnings are true or not..we can’t help but benefit by exploring this avenue’s potential. thanks.

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